Autism Candles

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Handmade Scented Candle Service..

Autism Candles offers scented candles with an old fashion personal touch. Our scented candles are made in small batches and not on assembly lines. The scented candles have been handmade since 2006. The handmade candles have been influenced by people like you becuase your business is what makes this project possible. Your feedback and conversations with us concerning the handmade scented candle formulas have greatly helped in evolving the scented candles. The project is kept smaller, with a focus on creating aromatic experiences with the feedback of customers first. Customers and what they say is what matters most.

Handmade Scented Candles

Richly Scented Candles

Richly Scented Candle Performance..

High performance aroma is what in part makes Autism Candles unique. The scented candles are designed for those who desire aromatic experiences superior to those in big box stores. To achieve this scented candle performance, Autism Candles works with aroma manufactures to create custom fragrance formulas to serve those who enjoy top notch richly scented candles. And all without the high price tag that comes from those big brand names, while each candle is handmade with you in mind. Our scented candles are for those who enjoy richly scented candles with an old fashioned touch.

Scented Candles For Autism Awareness

The Autism Candles Story.

Since 2006 the scented candle making project has existed to foster autism awareness, advocacy and autism inclusion. As a bold autism advocacy effort, the scented candle making project has achieved remarkable success. From the front pages of multiple newspapers, hours of radio awareness and nationally on social media by being shared by Autism Speaks many times as well as others.

Autism Candles is a unique autism advocacy and awareness project. Each candle symbolically represents lighting a path for awareness and inclusion. The scented candles make a statement and proudly so. After over a decade of scented candle making and advocacy experience, the candle advocacy project is still going strong.

For years to come Autism Candles will continue to exist to create autism awareness whilst creating remarkable scented candles for those who enjoy richly scented candles.