Richly Scented candles by Autism Candles that creates autism employment and awareness.

Scented candles by the Autism Candles employment project are designed to be high performance enthusiast candles. As an employment project making highly scented candles by hand since 2006, we believe the soybean candles should be of a high performance to meet the expectations of scented candle enthusiasts. The Autism Candles employment and awareness project has already made tens of thousands of richly scented candles and high performance scented candles that have been experienced throughout the United States and in other parts of the world.

“Autism Candles is an autism advocacy project creating economic inclusion to advocate for the awareness of autism opportunity.”

Autism Scented Candle Project

Autism Candles work project pouring session complete! Now it’s time to heat gun, trim the wicks, clean up and apply labels.

Autism Candles is an example of an autism advocacy that creates the awareness of inclusion by advocating for the equal right to be included in the general economy. The scented candle making is an equal opportunity project that first achieved media and broadcasting exposure in California. Later Autism Candles achieved awareness with the help of national autism advocacy entities and with the help of supporters on social media. Reaching for a social inclusion of opportunity in everyday life such as on Amazon is the goal going forward. Autism Candles asserts the idealism of equality as a identity founded to create awareness for and by individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Autism Candles is autism advocacy and the scented candle making provides funding for creative pathways.

“Bold advocacy means doing new things. Standing up for inclusion means making bold the new normal. We cannot create progress without doing new things.”

Autism Richly Scented Candles

Boldly and proudly autism equal opportunity.

In addition to making richly scented candles and high-performance candles as a work project Autism Candles exists to advocate for autism. This includes public education about autism, advocating about inclusion, seeking social justice, quality social services and community jobs. Bold plans like the nation-wide and regional public relations plan of “Area
Includes” are also authored by Autism Candles. Community and culture alike have yet to take full advantage of the creative talents of the autism and developmental disability communities. Opportunities and access for us to participate will immeasurably benefit this and future generations because this inclusion and equality is something that everyone deserves. The measure of our society’s success is determined by whether it treats everyone as full and valued members.

Common Questions & Information:

Is Autism Candles a charity?

No. It is a social advocacy cause utilizing funding to benefit job training, advocacy and awareness. Funding a charity status is cost prohibited and limits the advocacy in comparison to what the average business or corporation can do thus making the project less able to compete. A charity manufacturing a candle product even if it is a social awareness tool as a primary source of funding over that of donations is restricted by federal law which in turn restricts civil rights. Autism Candles is a self-advocacy founded advocacy project.

How do I purchase the scented candles?

Autism Candles is proud to announce the handmade soybean scented candles are now available on Amazon. The project no longer sells directly to the public. We focus our time on pouring and creating the best scented candles instead.

Can I fundraise with the scented candles?

Autism charities, autism advocacy groups and related are always welcome to fundraise with the scented candles. Other types of groups are welcome to reach out. Promoting your cause while supporting autism employment is just cool. School groups and autism organizations are the most common.

Do you offer coupons or retail discounts? 

Yes. Autism Candles just loves its loyal customers. You make the scented candle project possible.

What is the link to the Autism Candles Amazon Store?

Follow the link above to visit the Autism Candles Amazon Store.

What is an enthusiast grade scented candle?

Enthusiast-grade scented candles are designed to be enjoyed by individuals who enjoy high-performance candles or richly scented candles. Like the wine industry has wine enthusiasts the scented candle industry has scented candle enthusiasts. People who love high performance scented candles want them to perform a certain way and smell realistic. A scented candle enthusiast may also prefer certain fragrances to not be richly scented as in overpowering but for the aroma to carry well in a room. Autism Candles strives to offer options for both richly scented candles and high performance scented candles. As an example, the lemon-lime candle we make is high performance but not so richly scented that the aroma experience seems overpowering. Aroma experiences can be subjective and aroma is an expression of art.

Can I purchase the scented candles directly from Autism Candles?

At this time no. In the future Autism Candles will offer scented candle sample kits and bulk order kits for group orders on Amazon. Right now single candles are available on Amazon.

Can I purchase the scented candles wholesale and resell them like Scentsy?

Sometimes. Fundraising for causes is something the Autism Candles project can supply scented candles for.  The scented candle making project simply does not have the capacity to offer the candles on a wide-scale to individuals for resale.

I own a retail store can I resell the candles?

If you own a retail store and wish to use the candles to raise money for a cause dear to you and have the approval of the charity then contact Autism Candles. Such an arrangement includes providing contact information to the charity and pictures of the physical retail display of Autism Candles on display in your store so that the project can verify authenticity publically. Traditional retail placement is reserved for advocacy and awareness reasons and or to help causes. Otherwise, retail arrangements that exist in traditional physical stores have been limited to those who first supported the scented candle making project and that are part of a buy local campaign.

I have seen “Autism Candles” for $30-$40 elsewhere online. Does Autism Candles sell its candles online other than on Amazon?

Autism Candles exclusively provides high-performance candles and richly scented candles on Amazon directly and for usually under $20. The project is aware of the usage of its copyright protected images of the candles elsewhere online in product listings claiming to be selling authentic “Autism Candles” brand candles for prices as high as $40. These sellers may be purchasing the candles from Amazon and then reselling them. Autism Candles is unaware of any relationship between these sellers and a charity or cause.

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