Autism and What Sensory Overload Can Be Like

Everyone with autism experiences the world differently. For those with sensory integration difficulties this video portrays some difficulties with the associated anxiety when applicable. Sensory difficulties can result in a disconnection or reduced awareness with the environment, reduced responsiveness and for some a kind disconnection from the outside world. Yet for others it would seem an awareness of environmental stimuli is sustained in a heightened way which is overbearing. Anxiety can be more of a preemptive thought to certain stimuli, rather then an experience within environmental stimulation when also applicable.

This featured video is from the unique perspective and experiences of a self-advocate. Carly Fleischmann who has an autism spectrum disorder and is also non-verbal one day found her voice with typing. Since then the autism community and the world have learned a great deal from her. Many greatly appreciate her commitment to educate and share with us all.

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