Many individuals with autism and who cannot speak rely on tablets with specially designed software to enable their expressions.  Most find success in IPADS from apple for instance, with the easy to use interfaces that individuals simply touch and slide to utilize unique applications designed for persons with autism. Alternatively and in the past, simple pieces of paper with letters individuals could point at characters to form words to slow to spell out their expressions to an onlooker and proved painstakingly less effective. Tablets are also helping with attention spans when improving skills.

As technology evolves further for the approximately thirty percent of individuals with autism who cannot speak, professionals and others are finding much more intelligence then they suspected. This Apps for Autism CBS news segment introduces the audience to several different individuals and the professionals who are using tablets to enable skills building and the expressions of non-verbal individuals with autism. The professionals and even the parents are finding that the world is changing for the lives of those with non-verbal autism as intellectual ability is being proven, as well as the remarkable personalities and individuality of those who are finding success with the tablets.

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