Lance was a man who feared leaving his own home, but he began a journey no one believed was possible. He has now travelled over 25,000 miles in his life-long passion for beer breweries. He has been embraced by presidents and CEOs in America’s beer brewing industry for his passion for their art and to raise awareness of autism. Lance has a photographic memory and a passion for beer brewing, and has for years wanted to visit breweries to write a book. He keeps a growing collection of beer cans cataloged carefully, from all of the brewery brands that he can get his hands on. Some call him the “Rain Man of Beer”.

Lance’s message of hope has reached more than 2.5 million people.  He overcame anxiety and showed real courage as he visited the breweries on his journey, remarking, “Your dreams can come true with positive thinking.” Jean Rice-Watson, Lance’s mom, comments, “I’ve been waiting for thirty years, for him to go on to do this.” Aaron Rice, Lance’s Nephew, made it his mission to make the nation-wide venture possible.

When Lance was initially diagnosed in the 60’s, Autism was much less understood, and he was considered simply intellectually-cognitively disabled and wasn’t expected to amount to much. Lance’s story is a miracle 50-years in the making.

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