What is Autism? This is Autism

This is Autism, was created for the purpose of understanding the everyday lives of families in the Autism Community. Louis Theroux, a British-American Filmmaker, produced this documentary working together with Discovery Health. Theroux traveled to the Developmental Learning Center (DLC) in Warren, New Jersey. The DLC is a leading innovators in autism schools of its kind, and the documentary features three families involved in the autism community.

Segment One:

A mother of 7-year-old, autistic twins shares her experiences with autism in childhood.

Segment Two:

Joey is on the more severe side of the autism spectrum. Increasingly challenging behavior, such as self-harm, poses a challenge for his parents, and his mother admits that at times it is very hard to control his behavior.

Segment Three:

Nicky at the age of 19 is progressing very well. He is considered on the high functioning side of the autism spectrum and attends the DLC in Warren New Jersey.

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