The police department in Temecula, California are using tactics against students with special needs that include tricking the susceptible minors into friendships with intent to put them in jail. The tactics have raised concerns among the local citizen of Temecula. In two separate cases, police have involved special needs students in their investigations. One involving a young teen with autism who had no friends and though his parents were thrilled with the boy having a new friend, the social scam ended in an influence to a minor that was less than honorable. In most cases, anytime an adult conducts themselves in these ways, they themselves would be labeled and charged with a delinquency to a minor.

According to the local police department, what the undercover police officer did was simply following the rules in the line of duty; he coerced the teen into finding marijuana by acting as though he were having ‘family problems’, so the teen might help in order to sustain the only friendship in his life. When the teen with autism could not find any further substances for the undercover police officer the friendship ended, and the teen was charged with a crime. The boy’s parents, Doug and Catherine Snodgrass, are suing the Temecula Valley Unified School District for their part in this unfortunate misadventure of friendship.

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