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Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC Season 2

Watch Season 2 of “Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC”

The mini-series that informed millions of American viewers about diabetes and prediabetes earlier this year is back for a second season. Building on the success of Season 1, these 26 new video segments explore diabetes-related issues in depth, from reversing prediabetes to what to make for dinner. Watch here.

Puppy. Do I have diabetes . org

Puppies, Prediabetes, and Prevention

A new lighthearted public service announcement (PSA) campaign, developed in partnership with the American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association, Ad Council and CDC, offers viewers a “perfect way to spend a minute”: take a prediabetes risk test while watching adorable animal videos. The PSAs feature loveable creatures and encourage people to visit to discover how they can lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Watch the campaign videos here.

thumbnail image of front page of 1027 statistic report

National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2017

This report provides up-to-date scientific data and statistics on diabetes [PDF – 3 MB] and its burden in the United States. Learn more.

Fast Facts:

  • 30.3 million people have diabetes (9.4% of the US population)
  • Diagnosed: 23.1 million people
  • Undiagnosed: 7.2 million (23.8% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed)

Chronic Kidney Disease Factsheet 2017 thumbnail

National Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet, 2017

This factsheet is intended to provide national estimates and general information regarding Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in the United States [PDF – 1 MB].

Fast Facts:

  • 30 million people or 15% of US adults are estimated to have CKD*
  • 48% of those with severely reduced kidney function but not on dialysis are not aware of having CKD
  • Most (96%) people with kidney damage or mildly reduced kidney function are not aware of having CKD

CDC Diabetes Microsite Embedded on a Website

CDC Diabetes Content, Your Website

Check out the new diabetes microsite—a collection of science-based, reader-friendly diabetes articles you can add to your own website. Save time, money, and effort while still keeping your audiences informed with CDC content that’s already created and automatically updated. With just a few lines of code that we provide, our feature stories, infographics, and links to more information are available right from your own web pages. Learn more.

Diabetes Features & Spotlights

This collection of articles explores the many aspects of managing diabetes and preventing type 2 diabetes, with a focus on helping people take positive action to live their healthiest lives.

CDC Content Syndication

Content syndication is a free and easy way to add science-based CDC health content directly to your website or app. You don’t have to spend months researching, writing, and editing your own content; just copy a little code from our site to yours. When CDC content is updated, it’s updated automatically on your site, too. Find out more at CDC Content Syndication and check out the new DDT Features microsite, available for your site now. Got questions? The team at can help.

Diabetes Press Releases & Social Media

For the latest news releases, digital media kits, and social media, see Press & Social Media.

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