The Relationship between Anxiety, External Structure, Behavioral History and Becoming Locked into Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Issues Ment Health Nurs. 2018 Feb 13;:1-5

Authors: Cashin A, Yorke J, Distinguished University Research Professor

Restricted and repetitive behaviors (RRBs) are central to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), yet there remains a paucity of research in this domain. What is clear is that people with ASD are vulnerable to getting locked into rigid patterns of thought and behavior that contribute to a lack of adaptation. This study utilized an online survey to explore the relationship between anxiety, external structure, the measurement of RRBs and behavioral history of being locked into RRBs. A significant relationship was identified between level of anxiety and a history of becoming locked into RRBs. The likelihood of becoming locked into RRBs increased at times of decreased external structure in the routine of people with ASD.

PMID: 29436876 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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