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[A communication intervention in autism spectrum disorder by means of the programme ‘More than Words’. A case study].

Rev Neurol. 2018 Mar 01;66(S01):S77-S82

Authors: Baixauli-Fortea I, Gascon-Herranz N, de Carlos-Isla M, Colomer-Diago C

INTRODUCTION: The ‘More than Words’ programme aims to enable parents to take advantage of day-to-day situations as communication learning settings, through the use of instruction in responsive-type interaction strategies.
AIM: To describe the effects of this programme on the communication skills of a child with autism spectrum disorder and on the language the parents use to address him.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: A three-phase design (pre-intervention, intervention and post-intervention) was employed, in which the responsive interactions of the parents and the child’s communicative acts were measured.
RESULTS: The intervention can modify the parents’ communicative style, especially when the family receives guidance from a speech therapist. Nevertheless, the responsive nature of the parents’ communication tends to diminish when the intervention finishes. Conversely, the child’s communicative acts increase, with a medium-sized effect of the treatment.
CONCLUSIONS: The ‘More than Words’ programme can be a good starting point for parents to become familiar with strategies that foster communication with their children who have autism spectrum disorder.

PMID: 29516457 [PubMed – in process]

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