CNY mother is hopeful in new autism test

A development that could be huge when it comes to diagnosing Autism and researchers at Upstate University are getting closer to making it a reality.

Currently, there is no medical test for Autism, and the diagnosis is made off the behavior of children.

This new test would allow researchers to take saliva samples.

A mother who has a child with Autism is hopeful this new test will help.

“It’s Ethan. Ethan Luchsinger.”

Ethan Luchsinger is 17 years old and lives in Fayetteville.

He has duplication 15 q syndrome. It’s a duplication on the 15th chromosome and the most common genetic form of Autism.

Ethan is loved by his family but some days are a challenge.

“So he’s completely dependent for everything which, means we have to get him ready in the morning he has to be supervised at all times he can’t be home alone,” Ethan’s mother Kadi Luchsinger said.

Twelve years ago Ethan went for a saliva test which looked to see if something was wrong in the DNA.

New research at Upstate University in Syracuse leaves Ethan’s mother very hopeful.

“I think it’s a great thing because it’s not invasive for families that really need that proof or need that extra diagnosis or that validation that their child may have Autism it’s actually a great thing.,” said Luchsinger.

Luchsinger believes this will be beneficial for families all across Central New York.

“With this test, they could also have some pretty significant findings as well,” said Luchsinger.

Luchsinger said its scary finding out your child has Autism, but the possibility of finding clues in saliva, in a child as young as 18 months could open doors for families, faster.

“It’s an easy thing it provides more research for science and there’s another layer that we can look at and study with Autism, I think there is so much that is unknown,” said Luchsinger.

“For kids who can get an earlier diagnosis that just means they have more access or earlier access to services which in the long run is a huge benefit,” said Luchsinger.

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