Monday is Autism Awareness Day worldwide, but there’s one place that celebrates children with autism and special needs every month.

On the first Sunday of every month from 9 a.m to 11 a.m., Chuck E. Cheese in Las Cruces welcomes children with autism and special needs.

It’s called Sensory Sensitive Sunday.

In 2017 Chuck E. Cheese launched it’s Sensory Sensitive Sunday nationwide, reaching out to children with autism and special needs.

Families who attend Sensory Sensitive Sunday can expect less crowds, dimmed lighting and the music turned down.

Manager Shaleen Acosta said Las Cruces is one of the selected cities that jumped on board with these unique Sundays..

“Chuck E. Cheese is here to support them and their children… It’s a good way for a community to come together and show support here,” Acosta said.

Dolores Tellez takes her 9-year-old grandson Noah to Chuck E. Cheese on the first Sunday of the month.

Noah is on the autism spectrum.

“The staff knows us. They’re ready for us when we come in at 9 o’clock. It’s a very loving environment. It’s nice that we have that, because we don’t have too many things that offer sensory for children that are autistic. So it’s very important for our children,” Tellez said.

Noah told KFOX14 which games are his favorite and why.

“I would say Sonic and the rocket ship and the slide and more, because I can have it nice and quiet,” Noah Colwell said.

Noah said he enjoys inviting his friends on Sunday ay Chuck E. Cheese because it isn’t crowded and they get the whole place to themselves.

Tellez said she hopes other businesses in Las Cruces can designate a day for kids with autism and special needs to have fun.

“I would like to see it all over the bowling alley, the movies like. Like when we go to the movies, he has to wear headphones because it’s so loud it would be nice if they can show them movies at a certain time for them that’s not so loud,” Tellez said.

Since this is week is Autism Awareness week, Chuck E. Cheese in Las Cruces will host Sensory Sensitive Sunday again next Sunday on April 8th from 9 a.m to 11 a.m.

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