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Development of an Autism Subtyping Questionnaire Based on Social Behaviors.

Neurosci Bull. 2018 Apr 10;:

Authors: Meng FC, Xu XJ, Song TJ, Shou XJ, Wang XL, Han SP, Han JS, Zhang R

Autism spectrum disorder can be differentiated into three subtypes (aloof, passive, and active-but-odd) based on social behaviors according to the Wing Subgroups Questionnaire (WSQ). However, the correlations between the scores on some individual items and the total score are poor. In the present study, we translated the WSQ into Chinese, modified it, validated it in autistic and typically-developing Chinese children, and renamed it the Beijing Autism Subtyping Questionnaire (BASQ). Our results demonstrated that the BASQ had improved validity and reliability, and differentiated autistic children into these three subtypes more precisely. We noted that the autistic symptoms tended to be severe in the aloof, moderate in the passive, and mild in the active-but-odd subtypes. The modified questionnaire may facilitate etiological studies and the selection of therapeutic regimes.

PMID: 29633087 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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