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Longitudinal Theory of Mind (ToM) Development From Preschool to Adolescence With and Without ToM Delay.

Child Dev. 2018 Apr 16;:

Authors: Peterson CC, Wellman HM

Longitudinal tracking of 107 three- to-thirteen-year-olds in a cross-sequential design showed a 6-step theory of mind (ToM) sequence identified by a few past cross-sectional studies validly depicted longitudinal ToM development from early to middle childhood for typically developing (TD) children and those with ToM delays owing to deafness or autism. Substantively, all groups showed ToM progress throughout middle childhood. Atypical development was more extended and began and ended at lower levels than for TD children. Yet most children in all groups progressed over the study’s mean 1.5¬†years. Findings help resolve theoretical debates about ToM development for children with and without delay and gain strength and weight via their applicability to three disparate groups varying in ToM timing and sequencing.

PMID: 29660808 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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