The Lowrey Virtual Orchestra

It might look like a normal keyboard but it has the ability to make anyone sound good while helping your brain.

Veronica Jonson and Doug Lauts shows us how the Lowrey Virtual Orchestra works and how it could help older Americans.

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Author Chat with Cecilia Croft Clanton

The 1960’s were a crucial part of Memphis’ history. The city was right in the center of the Civil Rights Movement with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. That time frame is now the backdrop for “Cotton Mathis: Journey to Memphis“, a new novel by Mid-South author Cecilia Croft Clanton.

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Cooking with Maciel’s Taco Shop

If you think of tacos as a casual meal you need to check out Maciel’s Taco Shop. It will raise the bar on your taco nights.

Chef Manny Martinez and Taylor Berger show us how to make a carne asada taco with homemade guacamole at home.

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