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Increased expression of BDNF mRNA in the frontal cortex of autistic patients.

Behav Brain Res. 2018 Jun 21;:

Authors: Maussion G, Moalic JM, Simonneau M, Gorwood P, Ramoz N

Autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) are neurodevelopmental disorders for which genetic components have been well defined. However, specific gene deregulations related to synapse function in the autistic brain have not been as extensively described. Based on a candidate genes approach, we present in this study the expression data of 4 transcripts of interest (BDNF, CAMK2a, NR-CAM and RIMS1) located at the synapse in two regions of interest in the context of the ASDs; the lobule VI of cerebellum and the Brodmann area 46. We have also genotyped in our cohort the coding single nucleotide polymorphism rs6265, located in the BDNF gene. After correction for age and sex, whereas no change was observed in the lobule VI between controls and autistic patients, we found a significant increase of BDNF expression level in the BA46 from autistic patients. No significant interaction between the rs6265 genotype and autism was observed for the BDNF expression. However, “A” allele carriers are more likely to have increased BDNF levels. Finally, we found a significant positive correlation between BDNF and RIMS1 expression levels. Our data suggest that these two molecules which are involved in cell signalling at the synapse, might have coordinated expressions and, that BDNF regulation in the brain has to be investigated further in the context of ASDs.

PMID: 29935919 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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