Central Auditory Processing Disorders in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Balkan Med J. 2018 Jun 28;:

Authors: Ocak E, Eshraghi RS, Danesh A, Mittal R, Eshraghi AA

The etiology and underlying pathogenetic mechanisms in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are still largely unknown. In this manuscript, a comprehensive review of the studies which are relevant to ASD and CAPD is conducted and the relationship of ASD and central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) is discussed in the light of recent studies on this subject that may provide new paths in the therapeutical perspective. Many studies confirm that most of the individuals with ASD have some degree of sensory dysfunction related to disorders of processing auditory, visual, vestibular and/or tactile stimuli. Among these, some recent studies addressed CAPD. There is an increasing amount of effort for researches about the link between ASD and CAPD. Most of the studies investigating CAPD in patients with ASD use electrophysiological measurements such as mismatch negativity or P300 event related potentials. Besides these, many publications reported deterioration in speech perception and expression in ASD patients which may also be related with CAPD in this unique group of individuals.

PMID: 29952312 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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