Autism Candles

Autism Candles

Quick Facts:

- Autism Candles is autism self-advocacy founded and directed.
- Autism Candles spends more money then it makes, it's not about making money.
- The autism candle making project has been around since October 2006 for autism advocacy.
- Nothing for us without us and with big doses of kindness and bravery.

Autism Candles Makes A Statement:

Have you ever been to a store or browsed a major ecommerce website to find a product making a statement about autism inclusion? It's this sort of approach that the Autism Candles project is successful at. Autism Inclusion advocacy is what Autism Candles is about. To create awareness for the equal opportunity of individuals on the autism spectrum. Since 2006 the candle making project has garnered front page newspaper awareness, featured hundreds of times on the the radio and shared on social media by organizations like Autism Speaks.

The candles have been purchased on Amazon and eBay and are available on other outlets online and offline. Autism Candles exists to facilitate two purposes. To create unique creative awareness concerning autism inclusion and to provide some jobs while doing so. The candles project was founded in October of 2006 as a strategic autism advocacy and awareness undertaking by autism self-advocacy and not others for us. Now it has become part of the Autism Advocacy Network (AAN) which is an electronic advocacy platform that expands the original purpose.

Each candle symbolically represents lighting a path for awareness and inclusion. The scented candles make a statement and proudly so. After over a decade of scented candle making and advocacy experience, the candle advocacy project is still going strong. For years to come Autism Candles will continue to exist to create autism awareness whilst creating remarkable scented candles for those who enjoy richly scented candles.

Autism Candles In The Future:

It's now 2021 and the Autism Candles project is becoming part of a new Autism Advocacy Network and Autistic Advocacy Network. AAN as it is being developed will enrich the purposes of the first Autism Candles advocacy. Autism Candles achieved it's goals in awareness and advocacy as intended. 

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