The project was founded in 2006 to raise autism awareness and to create opportunity for individuals with autism, and other developmental disabilities.Autism Candles: Equal Opportunity

Autism Candles began as an autism self-advocacy and awareness candle making project in Humboldt County, California. With the original help of local media coverage it has grown due to the aid of others and is now nationally recognized thanks to coverage by autism organizations on social media; Autism Candles is even featured in the Autism Speaks employment toolkit.

In addition to creating candle making jobs for people with autism, Autism Candles works towards many things for the community including ensuring the right to appropriate medical care, improving relevant services and creating bold plans such as the <Area> Includes public relations agenda. Autism Candles is autism advocacy, and there is a great deal of appreciation for those who have been loyal to the candle making and who have shared the project with their family and friends.


  • Foster Autism Awareness
  • Promote Inclusion
  • Assist advocacy efforts on social media and traditional news sources
  • Provide for the candle making needs of the autism community
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