Autism Candles is a self-advocacy founded candle making project in the Redwood Coast of California. Beginning in 2006 the advocacy quickly garnered multiple front page news stories and the success continued with the donation of hundreds of hours of air time on regional radio networks. Later the project went national as Autism Candles and was shared on social media many times by Autism Speaks. Autism Candles is even featured in the Autism Speaks employment toolkit.

As of 2019 the project still exists to employ others with candle making and shipping jobs. However, the strategic awareness of the project of promoting inclusion with the Autism Candles "Equal Opportunity" premise has expanded to allow for the exclusive employment of those with autism and developmental disabilities who wish to sell the candles. In addition, others may now sell the candles if the intent is to employ individuals with autism and or developmental disabilities or to provide funding for certain person-centered goals.

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