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Autism Candles – KID WITH AUTISM GETS BULLIED AT SCHOOL Interview with a 4 Year Old

Rafael has high functioning autism, formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. He loves school, but from what he says, he is getting bullied by a few kids at school. He is 4-years-old and goes…

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Autism Candles – The Hagir Show S1 E10 Autism/Bullying

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Autism Candles – WWMD: Bullying 2/5

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Boy with Autism Bullied but He is Blamed

Parents of kids who have bullied Levi Null say, “he brings it on himself,” even though the bullying has included punching, teasing and a video the kids made of Levi’s involuntary movements associated with his autism spectrum (ASD) diagnoses which they put online using school computers.  According to Levi’s mother, Dawn Simmons, this video evidence includes students hitting and teasing Levi while teachers are shown turning away.

The parents of the bullying teens are defending the actions of their children. Mr. Weatherly, a father of one of the teens states, “I would say three-fourths of this stuff he brings on himself and probably a fourth of it is bullying that shouldn’t be going on.”

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Children Say Bus Driver Slapped Child with Autism

Tosha Owens, the mother of Christian, a child with autism, with support from special needs witnesses, claims that a bus driver mistreated her son by calling him profanities including the R-word and slapping her son’s hands. These allegations of assault eventually led to official charges against the bus driver, which were later said to dropped, despite the witnesses.

Other children on the bus are upset according to Ms. Owens. She spent three months fighting to press charges against the bus driver and only after insisting that the police listen to witnesses on the bus, did they file an official investigation and then the initial charges. Owens does not want the bus driver to go to jail, but does seek some kind of punishment as she seems to fear that the bus driver could do it to others if something isn’t done.

Investigators seem to trust the bus driver who denies the allegations, rather than Christian and the other witnesses.

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Autism Hate Letter Makes the News

Mom with son with autism devastated by hate letter from a neighbor. The letter targeting a 13-year old boy with autism suggests he and his family move or that he be authanized. Thus far police say it’s not a hate crime but a potential criminal matter. Police are treating this matter as a criminal investigation. The mother goes on to remark about the supportive nature of others, and even world-wide. Some remarks mentioned in this clip are the opposite however.

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Hidden Camera Captures Abuse of Adult with Severe Autism

This video is graphic and the issue is sensitive. Yet issues like this, where private sector social service agencies behave in these ways is important to know about. Accountability with the public by means of awareness is important to improving quality in service delivery.

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Teacher Bullies Child with Autism

Father advocates for son who was bullied by a teacher which was caught on tape as heard in this video. School went as far as hiring a behaviorist to understanding why the child (his son) was acting out in the class. Teacher is recorded insulting the young boy with autism and with many other inappropriate comments toward the class. Listen to this video to hear the teacher get caught red handed. Keep in mind this is a specialized class for individuals with autism.

Should punishment be more extreme for teachers who bully? What about if a special needs teacher is the offender and he/she bullies children with special needs? Should such classroom environments be video monitored as some parents advocate for?

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Boy with Autism Punched by Bullies

This is an emotional video featuring video evidence of an attack by bullies and statements by the individual with autism who was attacked. Should police do more, such as file assault charges in cases like this? Although people with autism are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, they won’t file such charges thus far because there was ‘no visible blood’.

The problem with bullying, especially physical assault, is how can individuals actually protect their right to education and have an equal footing when they come to know fear in educational environments?

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Free Falling to End Autism Bullying

This video is part of the Autism Anti-bullying campaign by Jesse A. Saperstein and the Anderson Center for Autism. Jesse has Asperger syndrome (a form of autism) and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker.