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Autism Candles – Living with Autism: Wyatt meets and bonds with Dessa his new Autism Service Dog

Thank you to Autism Dog Service, Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic and to all the people who donated to Wyatt’s Hope Lemonade Stand for bringing Dessa into Wyatt’s life.

Autism Candles – NJ Boy With Autism Will Get Service Dog

A New Jersey boy with autism who needed a service dog and whose family needed help covering the huge cost will indeed get a service animal thanks to an outpouring of donations.

Autism Candles – Autism service dog helps protect boy

A pet (or companion animal) is an animal kept primarily for a person’s company or protection, as opposed to working animals, sport animals, livestock, and laboratory animals, which are kept…

Autism Candles – How an autism assistance dog helps

Find out from Mum Teresa how autism assistance dog Quartz helps her daughter Beth and the whole family.

Autism Candles – Boy With Autism Gets Dog Who Changes His Life | The Dodo

Boy With Autism Gets Dog Who Changes His Life | This little boy has autism, and his dog knows exactly how to make his nightmares stop and calm him down. Love Animals? Subscribe:…

Autism Candles – Top 10 Best Dogs For Kids With Autism – Good Breeds

Top 10 best dogs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a list of some of the best therapy and service dogs. Do you have any extra breeds you’d like to suggest? Comment below…

Autism Candles – Project Chance Pairs Service Dogs with Autistic Children!

President and founder, BJ Szwedzinski, led a meeting of her service dogs and families who rely on them. From the website:

Autism Candles – Autism Service Dog prevents child from wandering or running in a store

Here you can see our child lead training which addresses elopement issues inside a store, mall or other shopping place or eatery. The dog will tend to her child jealously and keep him from…

Autism Candles – Autism Service Dogs

Bridgeview Public School in Point Edward has some very special education assistants helping with student achievements.

Autism Candles – Small Service Dog Ignoring Food

Kairi is my 12 lbs Maltepoo service dog. She is for Autism, Psychiatric and Medical Alert. She was owner trained by me for 2 years. She is officially done with training,but there’s always room…

Autism Candles – Small Service Dog Doing A Down/Stay While Mommy Plays Pool

Kairi is my 12 lbs Maltepoo service dog. She is for Autism, Psychiatric and Medical Alert. She was owner trained by me for 2 years. She is officially done with training,but there’s always room…

Autism Candles – Nick shares why he feels Autism Service Dogs should be allowed in ALL schools

In the province of Ontario, there have been several cases of Autism Service Dogs not being permitted in schools as an accommodation for the children with Autism that need them. These dogs…

Autism Candles – Amazing Service Dog Helps Kids with Autism

Yori is a service dog from Canine Companions for Independence that is making a world of difference in the lives of non verbal autistic students at Hope …

Autism Candles – A Child and her Autism Service Dog

A Video about Sinaia who has Coffin Siris Syndrome and her Autism Service Dog. Here are some

Autism Candles – Mini Horse Is Service Animal for Alaska Boy

A miniature horse has been trained to help a 4-year-old Alaska boy who suffers from a rare genetic disorder that could leave him wheelchair-bound when he …

Autism Candles – Service Dog accompanies Autistic Child to school.

With Sophia joining Sean for the first day of Third Grade, local TV station KDKA reported about this monumental day! Hopefully an open door for kids with service …

Autism Candles – What Happened When this Autistic Boy Got a Dog

I don’t think anyone quite anticipated what would happen when this family got a Service Dog for their autistic son. Enjoy and share this video about dogs helping …

Autism Candles – Autism service dog helps protect boy

Taking care of an autistic child will never be worry-free. But one local family is sleeping a little easier with the help of a service dog.

Autism Candles – Autism And My Emotional Support Animals

In this video I talk about how big a role my cats as Emotional Support Animals play in my life! I basically discuss how my cats have helped ease my autism for me …

Autism Candles – Autism Service Dog Helps With Meltdown

Find out more about Autism Service Dogs at


Autism Candles – Autism Jargon: Assistance Animals

Like Autism Live on Facebook at Today’s Jargon: Assistance Animals! Sign up for Autism Live’s free newsletter at: …


Autism Candles – Autism service dog kept out of school

Jennifer McDonald, her son John McDonald, her husband Scott McDonald, and John’s autism service dog all showed up at school like usual and they still …


Autism Candles – Hetty epilepsy alert seizure dog & merlin autism assistance dog animal saints and sinners

Film about epilepsy seizure alert dog, Hetty and Autism Assistance Dog Merlin trained by UK charity Support Dogs. Featured on Animal Saints and Sinners in …


Autism Candles – Ferrets are helping my kids with #Autism :)

This video shows my kids with Autism, interacting with our ferrets. There is much talk recently about smaller animals being used as service animals and I think …

Autism Candles – A boy and his Autism service dog! ❤️

Our story started with a dog appropriately named

Autism Candles – Argos K9 – Non-Profit – Service Dogs for Autism, PTS and more!

We are the ONLY Company in the Nation that offers Water Rescue and Tracking for Autism! For More Information Please Call Jacob or Deborah at: 763-742-301 …

Autism Candles – Autism Service Dog Public Access Owen’s Chance

I saw my prayers answered yesterday… Chance and Owen were at the mall for public access training. It really hit me, Owen is doing it all by himself! One of my …

Autism Candles – What Does An Autism Service Dog Do?

What does an autism service dog do? It’s a simple question we get a lot…but there isn’t a simple answer. Introducing Maverick, Abigail’s Autism Service Dog.

Autism Candles – Therapy Animals – autistic boy meets his Therapy Dog #autism

Therapy Animals – Autistic boy meets his Therapy Dog with his little sister and baby brother #autism #autismtherapydogs.