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Special MRI Scan Technology Shows Autism

Excerpt from the Discovery Science presentation “Ingenious Minds” featuring Marcel Just and other CMU researchers conducting a brain scan on Temple Grandin to study autism.

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Autism and Finding Jobs in Technology

Statistically, individuals with autism face difficulties finding gainful employment, but a non-profit in San Francisco is homing in on tech jobs for people on the autism spectrum. Andy Aczel, co-founder of  “The Specialists Guild,” explains that people with autism can be superior at particular jobs, saying, “they think outside of the box because they don’t see any box.”

People on the autism spectrum often have the innate ability to regularly hyper-focus and look at the details, and this interesting video interviews two individuals with autism who work for The Specialists Guild.

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Canada Begins to Admit Autism Services Lacking

Autism: The Other End of the Spectrum

The Canadian government is beginning to acknowledge a lack of programs and services for individuals on the autism spectrum. The Ontario government in publicly recognizing the deficits to the autism services and supports has launched a number of inquiries into just how to assist individuals with autism.

Right now there about 8,000 young (ages 0-17) people in the special services at home program. There are 9,000 adults on the passport waiting program, a government funding program that funds persons directly to purchase services, instead of institutionalized care. There is an expected additional 4,000 people to be soon on the waiting list as well.

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A Real Look At Autism Video Series

A Real Look at Autism is a series of video episodes which introduce the audience to different autism concerns, treatment methods and unique lives in the autism community.  This video series is great for anyone new to autism who want to learn more.

Anxiety in School – Episode 1

A look at a third grader and her anxiety in school.

Messy Eating – Episode 2

How a mother uses an Ipad as an incentive to help her 9-year old son learn more socially acceptable ways of eating.

Food Allergies and Autism – Episode 3

How therapists and parents are helping a six-year old boy with autism with severe food allergies learn to eat more safely.

Down Syndrome and Autism – Episode 4

An introduction to an 11-year old boy with both autism and Down Syndrome. See how he learns life skills in a slow but steady way.

Playing with Toys – Episode 5

How a grandmother is using the techniques of imitate and expand to play with her 2 1/2 year old grandson who is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Originally he did not want to play with others and had very few words.

Grocery Store Outing – Episode 6

How a dad and his 10 year old son with severe autism take on grocery store shopping. They call it “shopping therapy” and with some help from the therapist, Noah is learning to be successful in an environment that can be very stimulating and distracting.

Neighborhood Play Group – Episode 7

How an integrative play group helps a 7-year old girl with autism and her neighborhood friends.

Communication Devise – Episode 8

How assistive communication technology such as PECS is helping a nonverbal 7-year old boy with autism talk.

Occupational Therapy – Episode 9

How occupational therapy is helping a 17-year old cope with sensitivities to sounds and touch.

Behavior Plan at Camp – Episode 10

How a behavior plan and reward system is helping a 10-year old boy make progress at camp.

Art Therapy – Episode 11

How a 14-year old boy is connected with art and art therapy approaches which has improved his verbal and motor skills.

Swim School – Episode 12

How Daniel learns to function safely and appropriately in a swimming school.