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A Message for Individuals with Autism

A message of encouragement for people with high functioning autism (or Asperger’s syndrome).

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BBC Horizon 2014 Living with Autism

Here’s BBC’s Horizon 2014 video, “Living With Autism,” hosted by world renowned Uta Frith.

Uta is a pioneering developmental psychologist who began her training in the 1960’s, whose passion and dedication over a career studying autism has helped countless others understand it better.

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United Nations World Autism Awareness Day

The United Nations issues an affirmation of the human rights of individuals with autism and notes the progress society and cultures must make for the inclusion and rights of persons with autism. In this video presentation for World Autism Awareness day, kids of all around the world speak positively about improving the rights of individuals with autism.

For more, please visit the UN’s official World Autism Awareness Day page.