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Man with Autism Sings Sweet Disposition

A talented man with autism sings the Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” with a profound talent. Martin has troubles with communication and the music acts as an outlet to express himself. Music is one of his most favored interest.

Conner Has a New Autism Service Poodle

Conor and Peyton are literally attached at the hip. For the first time ever, this school district is allowing an autism service puppy, Peyton, who is specifically trained to help Conor through the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The service poodle helps to create social interaction and helps to calm Conor which prevents or mitigates melt downs resulting from things like sensory overload. ...

Autism Awareness Flash Mob Surprises Onlookers

Check out this flash mob dance for autism at the Whitgift shopping center in Croydon Town Centre during autism awareness month. Anna Kennedy’s charity organized the event with her online team in collaboration with Nuffield Health Club in Croydon. Complete with a stand to promote autism awareness the event was an amazing success. They begin spontaneously ...

Man with Autism Inspires Reaches 2.5 Million People

Lance was a man who feared leaving his own home, but he began a journey no one believed was possible. He has now travelled over 25,000 miles in his life-long passion for beer breweries. He has been embraced by presidents and CEOs in America’s beer brewing industry for his passion for their art and to raise awareness of autism. Lance has ...

Kids with Autism Sing “Roar” by Katy Perry

The Autism Council of Utah (ACU) put together a video of children with autism singing along to “Roar” by Katy Perry to raise awareness of autism. This uplifting piece is a beautiful inspiration.

Hilarious Video about Experiences Having an Autism Service Dog

This is a hilarious video comedy about one self-advocates experiences having an autism service dog. As a person with autism witting this post I can say the act is very humorous. Others with autism tend to think it is entertaining and funny as well.  Sometimes peoples remarks are based upon such extreme sterotypes and assumptions. ...

Temple Grandin Thinking in Pictures Lecture

Temple Grandin has a PHD in Animal Science and is also a professor at the Colorado State University. As a best selling author and a world renowned autism advocate who also has autism she crafts amazing lectures inciting understandings of autism. In this lecture Temple Grandin explains visual thinking styles in autism.

A Brother with Autism

According to Spencer Timme, it’s incredible having Mitchel as a brother. Every case of autism is different, some more severe than others, and not every person with autism is like Mitchel, who is fortunate to have a very good relationship with his younger brother, as seen in this video. From Spencer Timme: “If any of you want to contact ...