Creme brulee by Autism Candles is a staple fragrance of the Autism Candles employment project. For over ten years our richly scented creme brulee signature line has been pleasing those who enjoy vanilla, dessert, and bakery candles. Once lit, not long later the fragrance of creme brulee can fill a large room. The scent of creme brulee lingers for some time after the jar candle is extinguished.

Crème BrûléeIt’s unusually strong, richly scented and realistic aroma has surprised even those who commonly enjoy highly scented candles. The realism of the Autism Candles creme brulee candle is just something that must be experienced in person to appreciate. With a strong base of ultra-realistic baked vanilla scents and middle notes of custard and caramelized sugar aromas, the creme brulee candle by Autism Candles is best for those who enjoy foodie bakery candles. If you’re on a diet, it might be best to stick with the floral candles, at least for now.


Seriously Though… One of the Best Scented Candles.

No one would expect that a scented candle come with a disclaimer to not to eat the candle but the realism of Creme Brulee by the Autism Candles project may challenge that assumption. Designated as a signature foodie fragrance by the Autism Candles project does temp the thought of the need to do so. A signature creme brulee candle as designated by the Autism Candles project is one of those fragrances that makes science seem remarkable. Despite smelling so realistic the scented candle is not made with real creme brulee extracts. What will they come up with next?

As a signature richly scented candle fragrance the Autism Candles project is confident that if most compare this creme brulee scented candle with other creme brulee candles available in stores, they won’t want the store candle versions once they are compared. Follow the safety instructions on the bottom of each candle. Keep away from children and pets. Enjoy the highly scented candle goodness which is hand poured in small batches with soybean candle waxes by the official Autism Candles employment and awareness project. Now available on Amazon.

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