Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Autism Candles project!

Candle sales enable wonderful job opportunities, but the project has additional goals. From national press releases to invaluable online awareness content spread via social media. Autism Candles exists to educate, inform, and advocate concerning autism and system change. A large emphasis is put into creating appropriate accommodations within social service systems to improve quality of life and to enhance community inclusion.

A single or even a small recurring monthly contribution helps out amazingly. Funds are invested carefully, and the project has remarkably low overhead considering its reach. In fact, everything, aside from the candle working costs, is only a few hundred dollars a month. So any amount provided greatly assists in enhancing the ongoing project efforts. For example, a national syndicated press releases normally costs 500$ and is discounted to 200$ for the advocacy campaign. An extra few hundred dollars a month in contributions would provide substantially greater advocacy opportunities on an ongoing basis. Becoming a monthly contributor is tremendously helpful, even just a few dollars a month adds up and allows this project to plan and execute advocacy more consistently.

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