Scented Candles by Autism Candles make for perfect gifts or to enjoy all to yourself. Made by people with autism and developmental disabilities each scented candle is hand labeled, hand poured and when purchased on Amazon the glass candles are packaged individually in a white box to easily gift wrap and includes tissue paper. Give the gift of and enjoy richly scented soybean candle goodness, while supporting equal opportunity. Share it forward.

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Crème BrûléeSince 2006 the scented candle making project has advocated for inclusion and opportunity. Now we are proud to announce the expansion to Amazon, the largest online store in America. Designed to please those who enjoy premium-grade candles, Autism Candles are designed to be superior specialty scented candles than those found in big box stores. Enjoy the richly-scented goodness, while supporting autism employment and autism awareness.

Beginning in Humboldt County, California as a community-based awareness effort the scented candle making project achieved remarkable awareness in newspapers, radio and television. Autism Candles was founded by an autism self-advocate to reach to the stars to promote inclusion, while providing candle making jobs. Customized employment projects like this provide job opportunities while learning valuable employment skills. The advocacy by Autism Candles goes far beyond simple scented candle making. Enjoy some of the best scented candles available, while supporting awareness and equal opportunity.

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