Redwood Coast Regional Center.

Hello Humboldt County!

My name is Nathan Young and I am running for the board of directors of the Redwood Coast Regional Center. Anyone in the Humboldt County area, as a tax-payer, can vote for me and become involved in issues that affect locals with autism and developmental disabilities. It’s your tax-dollars at use and I am available to chat anytime on social media, should you ever wish to discuss these important issues. Just add me as a friend.

I am a self-advocate with autism and since 2006 I have been a local advocate for developmental disability inclusion and have even authored articles in our local papers. You might be familiar with the Humboldt Candles pilot project I founded for developmental disability inclusion which was featured on the front pages of local newspapers, given hours of radio awareness on most of our local radio stations and featured on our local television news. Since 2006 the project for autism awareness has gone national as the Autism Candles project and has been supported by autism organizations such as Autism Speaks.

I grew up in a military family and have lived from one end of the United States to the other. As a person on the autism spectrum I can understand how developmental disability social service issues affect the daily lives of locals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our local safety net is falling apart, and according to the Executive Director of the Regional Center they cannot follow mandates.

Please vote for me: Vote-For-Nathan-Young (Printable Word Document)

With your vote I will seek to do the following:

Seek a prompt vote by fellow board members on the formulation of an interim quality control committee to address the state of the system and it’s failure to fulfill mandates under the law.

The goals and directives of the Quality Control committee I will seek to be as followed:

1. Investigate current system procedures to address the issues of obstacles to preventive care and support needs instead of a reliance upon reactionary policies. 

How can day-to-day management be better orchestrated to improve local outcomes?

2. The modernization of quality control and it’s system-checks systemically by standardizing the use of preventive intervention methods instead of reactionary methodologies to better meet the demands of the law.

How can new procedures better meet the needs of locals with developmental disabilities in systemic protocols?

3. Investigate independently from that of the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director local complainant issues to be introduced for vote to the new board of directors.

How can the new and future board of directors meet the mandates when the current Executive Director and board members have not?

4. As a rule the new quality control committee should be separate from all past board members and the current Executive Director due to public proclamation that they have not fulfilled mandates. 

As an order of business how can conflict of interests that created or contributed to the errors of the past, be rectified to promote the best interests of locals with developmental disabilities?

Please Vote for Nathan W. Young.

Vote-For-Nathan-Young (Printable Word Document)

Anyone in Humboldt County, age 18 or above, can vote for me. Please download the voter registration form to assist in these very important local issues effecting the lives of real people in our community. If your household has several people, please print a form out for each individual and submit them at one time to the address listed below.

P.O. BOX 8244
EUREKA, CA 95502


Nathan W. Young

Vote-For-Nathan-Young (Printable Word Document)

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