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Autism Candles Monthly

Every Month A New Surprise!

Autism Candles offers monthly subscription plans for supporters. Fragrance selections change monthly. This program and the feedback provided assists Autism Candles in choosing new fragrance selections and keeping the shipping team busy. Based upon supporter feedback a fragrance selection can become a new wholesale candle selection or an existing fragrance may be dropped from the wholesale program. Monthly candles are shipped the first Monday and Tuesday of each month. Canceling your subscription prior to this means a candle of the month cannot be shipped and that is why the first month is a much lower cost.

Let us know what you think of the fragrances you receive.  

4oz Blue Jar Candle
Mild or Moderate Aroma
$0.99 1st Month \ $14 Monthly

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10oz 2-Wick Candle Tin
High Performance Aroma
$4.99 1st Month \ $20 Monthly

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