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State Senator Tom Whatley Autism Legislator of the Year

State Senator Tom Whatley was in fact acknowledged as a Legislator of the Year at the national Autism Law Summit. The National Autism Law Summit was a convention in San Diego that helped bring in concert at least a few hundred autism assistance services, federal and state lawmakers, attorneys and family of kids with autism.

Senator Tom Whatley likewise made way for a bill in the 2017 routine of the state of Alabama Legislature that obligated insurance businesses to deliver protections for autism treatment methods. Governor Kay Ivey finalized the bill straight into the the state legal requirements causing the state of Alabama to guarantee insurance policies for the treatment options of autism in the state at large.

Regarding Tom Whatley:

Whatley_27Senator Tom Whatley was first of all elected to the Alabama Senate in November of 2010. He was born and brought up amongst the family farm in Lee County. Educated at Beauregard High School and graduated high school in 1988. In the year of 1994 he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration out of Auburn University and then proceeded to go onto obtain his own Juris Doctorate out of the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law. Making the most of his education he was then accepted into the State Bar of Alabama in the year of 1999.

Prior Senator Whatley enrolled inside of the Alabama Army National Guard in the year of 1988 and actually has provided 25 years of service to our country. In 1992 he was given a well recognized Commission from Auburn University ROTC and as well , presently works as a Lieutenant Colonel. His previous international missions were in reality the Bilateral Affairs Officer, Defense Attaché Office, United States Embassy, Bucharest Romania where by he worked as a diplomatic liaison concerning the US Embassy and the Romanian Ministry of Defense. Tom nowadays assists as Battalion Commander with the 167th Special Troops Battalion. Senator Whatley achieved the Army Commendation Medal, the National Defense Service Metal, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, as well as the Meritorious Service Medal.

Senator Tom Whatley is Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Conservation Committee and Chairman of the Lee County Legislative Delegation and as Co-Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He likewise operates on the Senate Education Finance and Taxation Committee not to mention the Senate Health, Judiciary, Military and Veterans Affairs, and Confirmations Committees. Senator Whatley was also chosen by his peers to actually work as the Joint House and Senate Legislative Council and was in fact designated by the Lieutenant Governor to be on the Indian Affairs Committee.

Senator Whatley is a practicing attorney and is a Methodist.

Committees Position
Agriculture Conservation and Forestry Chairperson
Banking and Insurance Member
Confirmations Member
Finance and Taxation Education Member
Health and Human Services Member
Judiciary Member
Transportation & Energy Member
Veterans and Military Affairs Member
Affiliation: (R)
District: Senate District 27
County: Lee County, Russell County, Tallapoosa County
Phone Number: 334-242-7865
Fax Number:
Street: 11 South Union Street
Office: Suite 734
City: Montgomery
State: AL
Postal Code: 36130-4600
Email: tom.whatley@alsenate.gov
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Jodi DiPiazza Sings with Cynthia Erivo

Jodi DiPiazza, a young lady with autism, is an inspiration. In this inspiring video, she is singing with Katy Perry to benefit much needed autism programs. Put together by Comedy Central, the “Night of Too Many Stars” event is designed to bring America together for autism programs and boost awareness. In this video, learn about Jodi’s experiences with autism and hear her sing “Fireworks” with Katy Perry.

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PBS Autism Now: Meet Nick

PBS NewsHour presents this Autism Now segment where we meet Nick, Robert Macneil’s 6-year-old Grandson. Nick experiences autism not just as a developmental disorder, but also a physical disorder affecting his whole body.

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Free Falling to End Autism Bullying

This video is part of the Autism Anti-bullying campaign by Jesse A. Saperstein and the Anderson Center for Autism. Jesse has Asperger syndrome (a form of autism) and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

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Temple Grandin – The Autistic Brain Lecture

Temple Grandin is arguably the most famous autism self-advocate on the planet. Her teachings have proven useful for professionals, families and other self-advocates. She is also a leading expert on animal behavior and a semi-biographical movie has been made about her life. In this lecture, she talks about the autistic mind.

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I Want to Say – Autism Documentary Short

Here’s a 27-minute documentary produced by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Bodega. “I Want to Say” tells the story of a newly adopted Autism Speaks initiative called ‘Hacking Autism.’ This video journals the lives of several children with autism, their parents and the issues they all face.

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BBC Horizon 2014 Living with Autism

Here’s BBC’s Horizon 2014 video, “Living With Autism,” hosted by world renowned Uta Frith.

Uta is a pioneering developmental psychologist who began her training in the 1960’s, whose passion and dedication over a career studying autism has helped countless others understand it better.

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United Nations World Autism Awareness Day

The United Nations issues an affirmation of the human rights of individuals with autism and notes the progress society and cultures must make for the inclusion and rights of persons with autism. In this video presentation for World Autism Awareness day, kids of all around the world speak positively about improving the rights of individuals with autism.

For more, please visit the UN’s official World Autism Awareness Day page.

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A Brother with Autism

According to Spencer Timme, it’s incredible having Mitchel as a brother. Every case of autism is different, some more severe than others, and not every person with autism is like Mitchel, who is fortunate to have a very good relationship with his younger brother, as seen in this video.

From Spencer Timme:

“If any of you want to contact me or have any questions feel free to e-mail me at timmesc@dukes.jmu.edu I want to hear your stories about knowing someone with autism!”

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Essentials for Educators: High Functioning Autism

Essentials for Educators is a thirty-seven minute video presented by Utah parents, teachers and other professionals in the field of Autism. The great part of this presentation is that it explains some of the underlying differences found in individuals all across the autism spectrum and makes suggestions for strategies to increase success in mainstream educational settings.

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Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers

Understanding Autism

Although intended for secondary school teachers, this video collection offers a helpful overview for anyone seeking to better understand autism:

This guide for secondary school teachers was produced by the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) and the Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools system. Grants from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation and the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism made this video series possible.

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers – Part 1

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers – Part 2

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers – Part 3

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers – Part 4

To provide feedback or inquire about using this resource in your school district, please visit www.researchautism.org or send an e-mail to programs@researchautism.org.

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BBC My Autism And Me

The BBC produced “My Autism and Me,” a special piece about autism presented by a young lady by the name of Rosie, who has Asperger syndrome. Though autism affects the way Rosie and others with autism live and see the world, as seen in this video, Rosie says it makes her unique and who she is.

While telling her own story, she also informs the audience about three others with autism: Ben, Tony and Lenny. Autism is a spectrum and Rosie’s presentation helps to demonstrate to the audience the different ways that people with autism are affected by it.