The Monday Report
– Developmental Disability Civil Rights

“The Monday Report” is an American’s with Disability Act (ADA) report toward the State of California and the California Department of Developmental Disability Service System (CA-DDS). The report asserts federal civil rights of individuals with a developmental disability and better assures civil rights within service and supports by mandating a quality of person-centered needs in communication and assessments as a federal civil right. See the full report here.

Please call in and say you support “The Monday Report” for developmental disability civil rights.

Senator Mike McGuire 707-445-6508
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Congressman Jared Huffman 707-407-3585
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  1. Orange county Reginal Center is a disaster and their conduct shameful and discriminatory. There is NO true accessible safe guards in place. ” free attorneys” are too busy and overwhelmed to take ck ent cases, with out money these services are impossible to access for the non intellectually disabled. I found it offensive to hear god messages on incoming and out going voicemail. Bringing god to work is a whole lot different than doing gods work. Discussing waist of resources.

  2. The regional center for my area is a joke. My child has been on the sedation dentistry list through regional center for almost two years. She has autism and will not let a dentist near her .. we have tried other options to get around regional centers. .finally getting on the waiting list for UCSF hospital dentistry. .there are 17 people ahead of her before she can even have an exam!? By the time she comes to the top of the list she (being almost 13yrs old) will need dentures! This a common problem throughout the state..but it especially problematic for our Rural areas. Where we have little to no services to start with. My child who is non verbal, dosent “qualify” for speech therapy, or to even have an assistant aide at school..and because of the lack of accountability at school..among other reasons. .I now homeschool which means services are less than they would be if she were in public school. Trying to get real help for our children or people with developmental disabilities is increasingly more difficult than it should be. Parents / caregivers are tired, most of us are financially drained, we pay for many services out of pocket because we have no other option. we need help.

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