Wholesale License

The Autism Candles Story

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Autism Candles project. Autism Candles is part of an autism candle making project that has existed since 2006 for autism and developmental disability employment, awareness, and inclusion advocacy. The candle making project was featured on the front pages of regional newspapers in Humboldt County California and later shared on social media by national Autism organizations. It is a strategic awareness project utilizing the candles as a tool to create awareness, such as to promote equal opportunity for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.

Autism Candles was founded by and is still ran by an individual with autism. The goal is to help autism-related awareness, programs and advocacy projects to raise funding but also to help other qualifying individuals to use the candles as a form of self-employment. Autism Candles as well exists in part to employ individuals with autism and developmental disabilities to make candles and provide shipping services.

Agreement Subject To Change.

From time to time this service and product agreement is subject to change without notice. The new contract and its revisions are valid only when ordering again. For questions, please contact nathan@autismcandles.com.

Special Program Exemptions

From time to time Autism Candles reserves the right to enter into agreements to create awareness and to empower advocacy and programs for autism. The terms of the arrangements are proprietary but shall inherit many of the same components of the Autism Candles wholesale License. These agreements, typically developed for strategic awareness reasons are not binding with this Wholesale License agreement. However it is the case, all such contracts prohibit the resale of the candles when purchasing directly from the AutismCandles.com website by individuals making purchases to support a cause when Autism Candles direct serves as the facilitation of retail distributions of the cause. All such agreements are based upon purchases and purchase types within zip codes and their respective regions or by means of a coupon code.

General Service & Product Agreement

Autism Candles intends to supply individuals with autism and developmental disabilities, the family of a qualifying individual or individuals, private sector agencies in service to qualifying individuals and non-profit charities. Resale of Autism Candles is strictly prohibited under this license unless the intent is to supply funding for the direct benefit of a qualifying individual and or individuals under one or more of the following premises:

1. Employment including self-employment.
2. Community living and in general inclusion.
4. Self-Advocacy and or awareness.
5. ABLE Act savings.

Qualifying Individuals Exemptions

When it is the case a qualifying individual with autism and or a developmental disability utilizes the candles and purchases directly from Autism Candles, there are no funding restrictions as specified in this agreement other than the maximum resale pricing as defined in the "Maximum Resale Pricing" section of this agreement.

Funding Restrictions

Where there is an intent to employ a qualifying individual for employment, which is defined as an individual with autism and or a developmental disability, the qualifying individual must be compensated with at least minimum wage. A minimum wage is determined by the laws of the state of residents of the qualifying individual with autism and or developmental disability and the federal minimum wage standard. Where state law provides a higher wage standard then federal law, the state laws compensation level is intended to be the minimum standard to be met by this agreement.

Whenever an agency, charity or business including any individual conducts resale of the candles, a prohibition exists against segregated settings. At no time can Autism Candles products be used to aid in the facilitation of segregated philosophies and standards. Autism Candles products cannot fund activities and behaviors that promote or in any way endeavor in any action whatsoever any goal and or practice that does not seek a right to independents and the full inclusion of qualifying individuals of at least the equality under the law as compared the average everyday person. This prohibition requires the administration of business activities to actively seek to diminish the existence of segregation and restrictions to rights as defined by the Developmental Disabilities and Services Act and as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Where there is intent to sell Autism Candles as the facilitation of self-employment or aid thereto for a qualifying individual with autism and or a developmental disability the individual shall possess these special rights:

1.) The individual has the rights to this license without any restrictions by the original purchaser.

2.) The individual will not have an obligation to repay perceived dept to an original purchaser.

3.) All purchases of products must be to aid a qualifying individual or individuals, and the burden of proof is on the purchaser.

4. ) No rights and terms to this agreement are alterable by any non-qualifying persons or organizations under this license who renders in-kind or otherwise assistance formally and or informally.

Where there is an intent to benefit qualifying individuals with autism and or developmental disabilities all proceeds must be used to help the direct cause, and including direct program supports such as a job coach absent the real and actual costs of administrative expenses and overheads. This includes funding administrative staff, program licensing and all costs but that of the employment of a qualifying individual and direct supports required for general rights and independents. Autism Candles product funding can be used for but is not limited to the hourly wage of support staff, cost of fuel for transportation, the funding goals of the individual and which can otherwise be permissible under the general premises of the ABLE Act.

When Purchasing Direct

All product purchases from AutismCandles.com are intended to be for wholesale use only unless an exemption under the special program exemption. All individuals should observe local, regional and state laws which may where applicable require licensing and other requirements when reselling products. Autism Candles does not manage the business activities of individuals and groups as the such would prohibit the existence of Autism Candles due to administrative costs.

Candle Samples

Samples are provided for the intended purpose of aroma sampling for your customers, display to your customers and special orders to fulfill your customer needs. The resale price is still limited to the amounts as specified in this document under the section "Maximum Resale Pricing." Returns of samples are not permitted, but store credits can be applied if a package is damaged.

Bulk Quantities

When you have tested what customers enjoy, through sampling the aroma selections bulk quantity options are available to raise money. The resale price is limited to the amounts as specified in this document under the section "Maximum Resale Pricing." Returns cannot be processed for bulk quantities due to a dislike of fragrance as that is what the samples are for. If a package is damaged, please contact Autism Candles within 14-days of receiving a package so we can begin the insurance claim process.

Return Policy

For reasons of safety, Autism Candles does not accept physical returns but can apply for store credit. Candle samples are not guaranteed to be liked, and the existence of the candle sample service is to supply samples to see if you and your customers enjoy a specific candle aroma and candle container. Should a candle come damaged or defective, please take a photo and contact Autism Candles at nathan@autismcandles.com. The candle sample service allows Autism Candles to provide bulk quantity discounts at lower prices because of the understanding the sampling service is about figuring out what will work for your customers. By doing so and not accepting refunds unless there is shipping damage or a product defect, the lower overhead costs allow for increased profits for your cause or employment over time by making the initial sample investments.

Shipping Days

Autism Candles ships one day a week to keep costs low and the wholesale program useful for fundraising and employment efforts. This means you should expect to receive the candles approximately up to three weeks after you order. By planning accordingly and ordering ahead of schedule, you can effectively increase your funding goals. Autism Candles at times offers expedited shipping at an increased shipping cost. Someone will go directly to the post office or when needed UPS or FedEx to personally expedite your package(s).

Maximum Resale Pricing

There is a prohibition concerning the maximum resale price of the candles. This is to help prevent fraudulent or unethical persons from exploiting the Autism Candles advocacy, and to protect the projects intents. The maximum resale pricing policy was established after individuals attempted to sell Autism Candles on eBay for up to $1,100 a piece.

4 oz Clear Glass Jar Candle -
Up to $15 plus sales tax and shipping.

4oz Blue Jar Candles -
Up to $12 plus sales tax and shipping.

Aromatic Wax Flakes -
Up to $3.00 an ounce plus sales tax and shipping.

Candle Storage

Candles must be stored in a dark and room temperature location. Avoid selling candles and wax based products in hot weather and always keep them away from direct sunlight. Candles and wax based products should be sold and stored in an upright position at all times. All wax based products have a melting point.

Autism Candles Subscription Services

Candles offered under the Autism Candles monthly subscription service are not intended for resale. The subscription service is unique in that the service aids in developing new fragrance selections and to revise current selections. It's a way of providing a shipping service as well to benefit the shipping team by better ensuring regular hours of employment.